5 Reasons for selling your property exclusively with RE/MAX

Selling your property might feel daunting, with all the competition and the constantly changing market. Are you unsure about the best way to selling your house? Are you wary of all the different real estate agents out there?

You have the opportunity to sell your property exclusively with RE/MAX, who are the leading real estate agency in the market today.

The RE/MAX Exclusive listing programme is designed to give your property a special treatment to get it sold within 90 days. Take a look at the slew of perks, and the convenient and effective service RE/MAX has to offer property vendors.

What’s your house worth?

Determining your house value is an important step in selling your property. What’s the point of selling at a high price, when competing vendors can easily beat you? Market-friendly prices guarantee you will sell your house in no time. RE/MAX creates estimates thanks to cutting edge technology which filters through a constantly updated database of the real estate market, to compile comparative market analyses (CMA). This allows for RE/MAX to offer real-time valuations for your property.

Get it on the market with RE/MAX

Selling your property exclusively with RE/MAX ensures a hassle-free process—just the opposite of an open agency agreement. Instead of wasting time and money marketing your property with different agents, the RE/MAX Exclusive listing programme offers the convenience of over 350 professionally trained agents and over 45 years of experience in the real estate industry.


We do the work

One of the most important aspects of exclusivity with RE/MAX, is that everything is taken care for you. Your property will be valued, photographed and marketed on RE/MAX platforms, after which trained agents specialising in your property type are constantly engaging with potential buyers. As a vendor, you will be regularly updated on the progress of the sale.

Effective outreach

What makes RE/MAX such a successful real estate agency, and the best option for selling your property, is its effective outreach and marketing. Spread over a specialised website, social media, outlets in every locality and widespread advertising, RE/MAX has the strongest presence in the market, which guarantees great exposure for your property.

Putting your property on the map

Choosing to sell exclusively with RE/MAX means you are trusting us with selling your property—we are grateful and need to show it! Apart from the great exposure, RE/MAX offers an array of powerful tools for the best results. 3D imagery, virtual reality tours and professionally staged photography of your property help to make your property more appealing and therefore viewed more, along with specially made brochures and your own website. Such tools as buyer match and latest SEO metrics improve search-ability and a strong web presence.