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The 3 things not to do when selling your property

Have you been trying to sell your home for several months with no luck? Or maybe you’ve just started thinking about selling it but aren’t sure where to begin? Thankfully, we’re here to help – and how better to do so by giving you a list of what not to do? Read on to see the 3 biggest mistakes that people make when trying to sell their property:

Not giving it the TLC it needs

The state of a property is guaranteed to be one of the first things that potential buyers notice and can be a massive deal-breaker. Unless they’re specifically looking for a fixer-upper, they most likely don’t want to buy anything that needs significant renovating – both because of the work that goes into it as well as the cost that comes with doing so. Prepare your property before putting it up on the market and get it looking its best.

Not marketing it efficiently

Sticking a “For Sale” sign on a façade window might attract a little bit of attention, but if you really want to get your property out there, you need to market it well. Posting on newspapers and Facebook groups can also get you a few calls, but there’s much more to marketing a property than simply posting about it. Professional online advertising allows you to reach particular audiences which are most likely to be interested in your property, rather than any Tom, Dick or Harry who might just like your post because it’s got a pretty picture.


We know that the market is great for sellers right now, but that doesn’t mean that you should take advantage of that. Chances are that it will only work against you and leave your property on the market for a very long time. Your property is worth no more than what someone is willing to pay for it, and no one will agree to pay more than the market value. And don’t let the idea of reducing the price after several weeks mislead you – this can actually put people off as they will realise you’ve lowered the price and deduce that something is wrong with the property, so it will not encourage them to buy it.

Thankfully, here at RE/MAX Exclusive, we can help you out with all of the above. We can give you tips on how to prepare your property for selling, market it to the right audience, and value it professionally so that you can have a better chance of selling it. What’s more, being listed as an Exclusive Added Value Listing with us comes with several advantages – and we manage to help sell such properties within an average of just 90 days from listing.

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