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Choosing the right agent to sell your property

real estate agent - best choice in Malta

real estate agent - best choice in MaltaReal estate agents should be your ideal guides when you start preparing to sell a property of any kind. A reliable agent should transmit efficiency which entertains the trust that he or she will know how to go about promoting your property effectively and through the right channels, in order to secure a sale. Whether you need to sell something as small in size and price as a one-car garage, whether it’s a a two-bed penthouse, a residential villa, an office block or an industrial warehouse, an estate agent should be there to help you throughout the entire process.

Easier said than done, and one main dilemma revolves around finding the right agent, man or woman,  to sell your property for you, so we here passing on some suggestions to help you along.

Find a real estate agent who represents an agency whose website you like and enjoy browsing through. If you find the website easy and pleasant to surf, and if the information pertaining to advertised properties is clearly depicted, fully detailed and accompanied by high resolution images, then it stands more if a chance of attracting potential buyers. Research the website for all the information which might possible assist you sold-finding-realestateagentin making your choice.

Word of mouth does help. Asking people you know for recommendations means you are getting a contact who proved to be invaluable to somebody who sold their property successfully. Ask about the level of confidentiality and courtesy, about the number of viewers the agent brought along, about the pre and post sale liaisons which contributed to making the agent worth recommending.

Identify the category of properties within which your property could be placed.  A town house in Valletta sells differently from a similar town house in Qrendi. The differences are several; city vs village; outskirts vs core; finish vs converted, unconverted, semi-converted, furnished, un-furnished; age;  potential for further development, restoration, embellishment;  size. This information will arm you to better discuss sale potential with the agent you choose.

Try to find an agency which may typically specialise in the kind of property you aim to sell. Certain agencies have specialised departments dealing with categories of properties, price ranges, localities, markets. This will address the right buyer immediately, promoting your property where and to whom it is most likely to sell.

Consider selling your home exclusively with one estate agency.  This will get you added benefits and greater attention from the agent and agency since there will be more scope towards investing energy in clinching the sale.  Advertising your property with multiple agencies on an open agency basis, may become counter productive, since yours will be just another property on the list, and not one which is getting the full focus it deserves. An Exclusive listing with some real estate agencies also comes with a marketing package where your property will be exposed to several marketing channels.

A good estate agency will also come prepared to meet you with relative information that would assist you in pricing your property correctly.  Comparative pricing metrics will assist you in understanding where you should place your price on the market.  You may even find out that it’s not worth selling at this time, or on the other hand realise much more potential.  One of the biggest pitfalls when people sell their property is that they price their property without the adequate guidance.

Quiz a potential agent by asking advice on typical selling prices, on staging the property, tips on what would improve or add immediate value to the property. A good agent will not shirk from spending time to explain things to you, to view your property carefully and ask relevant questions. Before he or she leaves your property, they should know it well, so that they can explain its characteristics to potential buyers, clearly and efficiently.