The longer you keep your property on the market at a price that is above its market value, the longer it will take to sell. We will assist you in making a better decision on how to price your property so as to avoid overpricing or underpricing your home. This proven programme enables vendors to sell at the top end of market value.

One can see visually from the buyer elimination triangle that the further you price yourself out of the market the less potential suitors will be interested in viewing your property. In the fast pacing world where every property is available online - buyers do not have the time look at every single property on the market and tend to hone in on their budget, thus disregarding other homes that should be priced correctly. In fact, according to a recent survey commissioned by RE/MAX Malta it was confirmed that the majority (70%) of buyers decide on their home after viewing 10 properties.Buyer Triangle

The process of pricing a property is one that is done based on market knowledge and experience. We invest in state of the art technology to register prices of property that are sold and listed in every town so that we may a compile necessary comparative market analysis (CMA). Your sales associate will guide you with the correct information taken from this study so that you may decide together a plan of action, whilst a percentage of negotiability will be taken into consideration.

The price of a home is one of the major factors that will define the length of time your property will remain unsold or be sold. It is a key motivator that will get potential buyers to the door. Certainly, if the price is correct and the other factors of the home including; location, state of repair and amenities are favourable the property will sell within a minimal amount of time.

Your RE/MAX Associate is trained to provide you professional advice when it comes to preparing your home for sale as well as giving you added value tips on how to maximise your home’s potential. Our qualified staging professional will also train you on the best ways to organise the property and ensure that you get the best out of each viewing.

We appreciate that your home is your castle and that you may have watched your children grow, shared high and low moments with your family and friends and thus may only provide you with the professional guidance to ensure you price your property correctly and secure a timely sale.