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You need to be motivated to sell, and your property requires approval to join the Exclusive Listing Portfolio. Once approved, our team of professionals will ensure that your property will be in front of every potential buyer on the market.

  • It’s amazing what a picture can do. It is proven that 3D imagery increases exposure of your property by up to 50 times.

  • How many of your friends who have their home for sale have their own personalised website?

  • Setting the right ambience, clearing the clutter and allowing our staging expert to bring out the best features of your home allows you to outshine your competition, and get more value out of your property.

  • We’ll give each prospective buyer that views your property a full colour brochure. This way, they will never forget your home.

a proven mix of marketing tools and local knowledge

guarantees results

  • is the 3rd most utilised website in the world. Our designers will create a walkthrough of your property, which will be used on, Facebook and our websites.

  • The Buyers property requirements are listed on our Buyer Match software so that when your property falls within any of our thousands of clients' search criteria, they will receive an email.

  • Your property is sent to over 4,000 active buyers every 14 days with a link to your property.

  • Because our websites are linked with our international network and we spend thousands of €’s on SEO, our site receives over 3.5 million page views every month. Your property will be ranked No. 1.

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