Make it Exclusive

Offer your property EXCLUSIVELY!

When you agree to offer your property EXCLUSIVELY with RE/MAX, you are saying goodbye to a lot of stress and stumbling blocks that you come across when you have agreed on an open agency. When selling your property under an open agency agreement you are immediately at a huge disadvantage. It is proven that an open agency can take at least twice as much time to sell your property.

The Best Price for your property. Pricing your property is the most important factor that will define the time it takes to sell your home.

Regular feedback so that you understand at all times what is happening with your property.

Over 350 professionally trained associates working for you!

Unrivalled and focused marketing techniques to get your property on the selling map.

Multiple agents undercutting your property price.

Agents using your property as just another property to show.

Agents wasting your precious time.

Spending unnecessary money marketing your own property.

Average days to sell: RE/MAX Exclusive vs open agency:

Getting your property sold through an open agency agreement:

Getting your property sold with a RE/MAX Exclusive Listing Agreement:

Marketing Material Local Std. Open Agency Local Std. Sole Agency RE/MAX Exclusive
Standard Inspection
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Advertising Sticker ✓* ✓* ✓*
Classified Advertising ✓* ✓* ✓*
Sole Representation
Valuation Based on Market Knowledge and Subject to Managers Approval
Marketing Material Local Std. Open Agency Local Std. Sole Agency RE/MAX Exclusive
A5 Printed Personalised Brochure of your Property
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Featured Listing in Search results on Company Website
Professional Photography
Staging Your Property for a Quick Sale Session
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