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Maximising the Price of your Property

Here’s 5 simple ways to get your home tip-top before putting it up for sale.

Brightly-lit-propertyWe all spend years turning our house into our home, and we get so used to it, that we sometimes fail to see the simple things that are bringing its price down in the eyes of potential buyers.

These five simple tips will help you maximise your home’s potential and boost how much you could get for it.  You’ll be amazed what these modest hints will do to the price of your property.

Clean Up: When trying to sell your property, make sure it’s spotless. Sweep the floors and sterilise toilet bowls, remove cobwebs from the ceiling and make sure the windows are flawless. Leaving a place looking dirty will instantly put people off the place, and make them think that there’s more work that needs to be done than there actually is.

Make Sure It’s Brightly Lit: All curtains should be open during a viewing, while you should be sure to remove any net curtains so as to let in as much sunshine as possible. Adding mirrors also helps reflect the light. Why? It’s actually psychological. Light is often associated with opulence – think Versailles and the Hall of Mirrors. The brighter a place is, the bigger and more expensive it will seem!

If It’s Broken, Fix It: Light bulbs that aren’t working, toilets that don’t function, broken tiles, and doors coming off their hinges are never a good sign. We all know that buyers will haggle, and broken things will give them further ammunition.

Update Your Kitchen & Bathroom: While the living room and the bedroom tend to be very personal spaces, kitchens and bathrooms are most likely the last places people will redo 240011054-62– given that the ones available are decent and tasteful. This doesn’t mean you have to buy a whole new kitchen prior to putting your house up for sale, but a new lick of paint or updated counter top may make a whole world of difference.

Add Street Appeal: Most people looking for a house will know if it’s the right one within seconds of seeing it in person. That’s why you need to make sure that your house looks great from the outside. Paint or replace your front door, make sure the façade does not look worn, and keep your hall spotless and welcoming.

Moreover, why not go to an open house viewing and take note of the things that bother you or negatively attract your attention? That’s always a great way of knowing what could be done and what could have been done better.

Take these five tips and make sure you follow them.  They will definitely increase your chances of maximising your property price.  You can also ask your local real estate agent in Malta to guide you accordingly.