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Finding the Right Agent When Selling

Selling your property the RE/MAX way

Selling a Home RE/MAX Malta - BalloonThere are so many ways in which people manage to sell their properties, but not all of them are cost effective, time effective, efficient or pleasant. Selling a property, especially a family home, is considered to be one of the most stressful episodes in a person’s life, not only because it equates with a major change, but because it is such an upheaval in the normal day-to-day life of a person not to mention the sentimental value that a goes a long with leaving the memories you may leave behind.

Therefore, finding the right estate agent to help you sell your property can make all the difference to the entire procedure. When you invite a RE/MAX associate to view your property with the intention of listing it for sale within the extremely vast RE/MAX portfolio, you are taking the first step towards a smoother transitional experience, from day one.

Evaluating The Property

RE/MAX sales associates are fully trained in identifying key selling factors in every property they view, no matter how small, large, dilapidated or refined. By talking to you and asking specifically targeted questionsEvaluating a Home in Malta whilst viewing the property alongside you, the associate will be able to qualify your needs and guide you with a plan of action on how to price your property and market it so as to make it more visible to potential buyers. A RE/MAX associate will take location, price and other properties that have been sold as well as listed within the same area in consideration. Special unique characteristics that make your home stand out from the rest will be noted and evaluated.

One must take into consideration that a real estate agent must look at your property from a professional aspect whilst at this stage a home owner is often putting a price on the emotional factors that go with leaving behind a lifetime of memories.

A RE/MAX associate specialises in geographical areas and types of property so that they may focus on understanding the knowledge of a specific market and provide informed guidance. It is understandable to say, “Who does this real estate agent think he is?”, “Who is he/she to put a price on my property?”, But in reality, if the estate agent merely lists your property without asking pertinent questions and does not provide his professional opinion, that should be your cue to ask him/her to leave.

Whilst the property is being listed, the associate will discuss strategy and tips with you so to highlight the most unique aspects of the property. Every property has its very own and unique identifying strong points, but often home owners overlook simple ways they could easily adopt to optimise the value of their property. A RE/MAX associate will help you elevate the property’s standard by providing tips on how to improve its general appearance and how to provide a positive first impression to would-be buyers.

Exclusive Listing Programme – Best Added Value

RE/MAX is the only company in Malta that provides a fully-fledged selling service, which is dedicated to home owners who are motivated to sell. This unique package offers a myriad of marketing benefits including staging and 3D imaging, services the company pioneered in just over three years.

The programme, is an agreement which regulates the relationship between vendor and agency, and provides RE/MAX Exclusive rights to selling your home. An 80% of the homes that are listed into the programme are selling in less than 50 days.

Staging & 3D imaging

Minor cosmetic changes can help stage a property in a big way and the insight of an expert RE/MAX Staging a Home For Saleassociate can quickly guide you, the seller, in the right direction. Owners whose property can be significantly improved in such a way as to impact strongly on the final market value, will be encouraged to make subtle changes so as to show off the property at its very best. Simple basic things such as spring cleaning, changing curtains, moving furniture around and de-cluttering, are the first steps which are generally recommended. Depending on your agreement,the associate will organise a staging procedure, which is included in the Exclusive Listing programme and has proven to be extremely effective. When a property is professionally staged, it can be lifted up a notch or two and attracts more buyers to your door. Another proven method for selling a property is 3D imaging. This procedure is undertaken when a property is not finished or still on plan. RE/MAX will take on the property and bring it to life through digital images.

Questions Answered

Every seller has many questions to ask – Is the price right? How far should I negotiate? What tax implications should I consider? How soon can a contract be signed? A RE/MAX associate will be able to answer all these questions and more. He or she will assist you by making sure to research not only the best way to market the property, but also find potential buyers, fit viewing appointments around your schedule, accompany viewers around the property, advise you on pertinent legal arrangements, guide negotiations, oversee transactions and contractual details, as well as provide practical guidelines linked to the eventual moving of your personal belongings.

More than just a sale

With the assistance of a RE/MAX associate, your property sale experience will be a cut above the rest. Whichever associate tackles your sale, any one of our 220+ associates is fully trained to make sales happen. And with the assistance of a RE/MAX associate, this is not just about the sale. This is all about building a positive sales experience, making your property stand out amongst hundreds if not thousands of properties on the market, and gleaning the best buyer possible.

Definitely more than just a sale.

Staging A Home For Sale

Staging a Home for Sale

Staging a Home for SaleWhen guests are coming to your home, you probably go to great pains to prepare for the visit even if they are just popping in for drinks, a bit more if they’re invited to dinner, let alone if they are staying for a whole weekend. Preparations are made to tidy the house, to clean out the bathroom, to remove clutter, and perhaps to add a few touches to make the house look even better that it usually does. In short, you set the stage for a warm welcome.

Fast forward to preparing your home for a sale, where things are just that little bit different. You are not welcoming guests, but rather expecting to open your home to total strangers. Yours will be just one other property on their list of properties to view for the day. They will step in, look around critically, spend a few minutes whispering between themselves and asking questions to you or the estate agent, and then walk back out again. A few minutes and it’s done. If they like it, they will stay longer and show some form of interest. If they don’t, goodbye and carry on.

What does this mean? Basically that in order to make a sale, you need to impress the people who walk in. The quicker you do so, the quicker you sell. Therefore, you need to set the stage for a sale. That is basically what staging is all about.

Staging experts do exist and you might be inclined to ask your Malta estate agent to recommend somebody who is proficient in staging properties, especially if you have very little time to dedicate to this process. However if you can dedicate time to stage your property yourself, there are simple and straightforward steps which you can adopt and carry out regularly to keep the house ship-shape as long as it takes to secure a sale.

  • Look at each room and picture a photo of it in a magazine. Would it look right? If the answer is no, start correcting the correctable. People love stepping into a clean and uncluttered home but before you start cleaning you have to clear up. Clearing up is not just about putting things in their place although that is technically the first step in the process.
  • Put everything in its assigned place, then proceed by checking damages. Soiled things must be cleaned, replaced or removed. Broken things must be removed whilst they are being repaired, replaced if they are indispensable. Things which look worse for wear, such as frayed carpets, should be removed immediately.
  • Try to maximise floor space in each and every room. Remember that clutter also refers to things which are not positioned in the most suitable place in a room. So for instance if you have excessive furnishings around the room, no matter how stylish they are, if they are taking up space uselessly, perhaps you should move them elsewhere or give them away. Give each room space to be appreciated.
  • Polish key items in a room. Mirrors, glossy furniture, glass, crystal…. Anything that is supposed to have a high shine, should be just so.
  • Air each room for some time every day by opening up those windows and letting fresh air come in. This will give the house a chance become refreshed from stale smells and fumes that build up when a room is not aired on a regular basis.
  • Add fresh plants and fresh flowers to the rooms which are most prominent – hallways, living rooms.
  • Fix lighting where it does not function. It can be embarrassing to be asked to light up a dim room and find the lights are just not working.
  • Freshen up the front door with a new front door mat, polish the brass knocker, clean the door from soiled finger-marks. Add a potted plant.
  • Make sure the bathroom is tidy. Prepare some perfumed candles and light them up before the guests arrive.
  • Get all the family to collaborate on the staging process. Even small children will join in to help if you turn it into a game – pretend it’s a competition, that the visitors are judges deciding who has the best house of all and that you want to win the competition!

Remember, when you are actually selling your home you have to take an objective look. Look around and try and put yourself in your buyer’s shoes. We totally recommend that you see further advise from a Malta real estate agent.