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Preparing a property for sale

Preparing Your Home For Sale - House of Character

Preparing Your Home For Sale - House of CharacterIn the fast-paced real estate market, selling a property is a big deal. This is not only because of the market’s competitive nature, but also because of the preparation that has to be undertaken with the property itself. When selling a property especially one that has been lived-in, such as a family home, it is imperative to present it in the best way possible.

Cleaning may not be enough—it might just be the time to put yourself in buyers’ shoes, and prep up your property for selling. Considering the large number of properties that viewers get to view when on the hunt for the right property, it becomes clear that to make your mark on the market, first impressions really do matter.

It is very common that viewers get a strong feeling about a property just from viewing the outside, mainly because this is the first thing they see. So first things first—take a good look at the facade and exterior of your house and make sure to clean the windows, fix the chipped stones, trim and prune the plants, and give a good scrub to the porch and face of the house.  If its an apartment, make sure your welcome mat isn’t in tatters and the walls are painted clean.  Adding some colour in the shape of flowers or potted plants helps to add vitality and give a feel-good vibe to viewers entering the property for sale.

Upon entering a house, the first thing someone perceives is usually the space, and what makes up this space? Light, furnishings and colour. First of all, you want to make sure the light is right, by fixing any light fixtures and removing or changing any heavy curtains that are obstructing natural light from flooding in. Since natural light is an utmost priority, avoid viewings which happen in the evening after dark. According to a recent real estate insights survey brightness is the major aspect that either turns on or puts off the buyer.  Then make sure the furnishings aren’t too big for their rooms—too much furniture may take away the merits of a spacious, well-lit room, as well as make viewers feel cramped.

If you have any pending paint jobs you might as well go ahead and paint over in neutral colours. As much as you like your rainbow living room, it might put off potential buyers, as it all boils down to individual taste.  When selling your property you must always think as if you were the buyer.   After scouring clean thepreparing your home for sale - property in st. julians house it might be time to get into the details. Take some extra time to tighten up all the little loose ends of the house—missing screws from doorknobs and hinges, loose or squeaky furniture, fixtures (bathroom faucets) that need replacing, and so on.  Another important detail is to take away some of the very personal items like family photographs, any wild pieces of art or furniture. Leave only items that are neutral. Neutrality is important because it helps viewers envision themselves inside the house.  Indeed a clean palette allows for better visualisation of what could be and could become.

On the other hand, if you think that the house feels too empty or impersonal, adding something as simple as indoor plants can change how a room looks and feel.  Making potential buyers envision themselves living in the house is crucial— and is part of the process of selling your home. Here are some simple tricks that can help you achieve this. Try and make some spots around the house look appealing for specific activities by placing two or three items related to said activities—a book and coffee tray next to soft furnishings for a reading area. Be aware that viewers have all their senses pricked, and will be out to notice especially things that are off colour, so be sure to avoid obvious oversights. Don’t cook anything with strong odours before viewings are due, enquire whether viewers like pets beforehand, and close the toilet seat!

You need to get the price right.  No matter what changes you make, how nice you doll up the house, or tricks you may utilise to sway a buyer, if you do not price your home correctly – your home may stay on the market.  Read our for page on Pricing your property correctly for more information.

Finally, be nice to potential buyers, offer some refreshments and share some nice stories about the house, and you should be set to make some great impressions!